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Wednesday, October 17 2018 @ 04:55 am PDT

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Decision 2.0

SheepdogsWell, finally got a chance to talk with Mr. WatchCat about the A&P class...

We set some priorities, made some preemptive agreements, and decided that I will take the accelerated class. It'll be nuts (especially with some of the other things pending) but it came down to the knowledge that the sacrifices will still be preferable to the alternative.

I still have to jump through some hoops to make sure I can actually get into the accelerated class, but at least I know how to proceed now.

And the one thing assuring me that it'll all work out is that this scheme is just crazy enough to fit my life.
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Solid advice for dealing with a mass shooter

Sheepdogs Straight Forward in a Crooked World: Get On Your Knees and Aim
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Damning Torpedoes

SheepdogsIt's not just a great quote or an old friend's blog. It was also an answer to prayer.

And I had no idea what was coming at me today. Just another speaker...

Some of you know that I'm trying to get into a paramedic program. I didn't publicize that here because I wasn't quite owning it yet. Until today.

The speaker from the international response group had a commanding presence, no mistake. I didn't get a chance to ask but I'd bet a bottle of something good that he's ex-military. Chalk it up to that if you want.

I don't think that five words were out of his mouth before I knew in my gut that I needed to listen. Ten words and I knew I was on holy ground. There are moments in life when knowing something "in your heart" is too mild a phrase. Knew it in my heart, yes, but I also knew it in my breath, my hands, my eyes. I have no idea how the heck it's all going to work out but I know I need to work towards it. I know I'll be good at it, I know they'll need me.

I think what really scared me was when I told Mr. WatchCat about my response and he pretty much said, "I don't like it, but yes, I know." He knew even before I opened my mouth.

So many questions, so many risks. I'm well aware of them. And there's a part of me that's still scared about the future.

But damn the torpedoes, I know what I'm working for now.

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can't do it alone

SheepdogsRelationships are almost never the way we want them to be.

(I'm tempted to just hit the save button right now and see how everyone would comment, but I'll continue.)

One thing that I've been realizing on a deeper level lately is that pretty much everyone has at least one blind spot. Yes, I believe in communication, but there comes a point when we have to accept that some people just cannot understand certain things. Our society spends so much time discussing cultural diversity that we often expect the people who look like us to think like us. Yet often our differences are so sharp that they're best described as cultural differences. Military v. civilian. Sheep v. sheepdog. And sometimes there's no label for it, just a gulf formed of layers upon layers of mutual frustration.
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Recurring Dream

SheepdogsI've had other recurring dreams in the past but this one is really getting annoying.

I keep dreaming of being back in school, and discovering that I have one or two major problems:

1) There's a science class I was supposed to be attending (and wasn't) and it's now halfway through the term, too late to just drop the class.
2) I haven't checked my mail for ages and can no longer remember the box combination.

The two usually go together although there are variations of which one dominates. Last night's dream was primarily #1. It was especially frustrating because I dreamed that the instructor was dear old Dr. B from college, one of those guys whose class you'd attend just to make sure you don't hurt his feelings. In the dream I tried so hard to explain to him that I wanted to be there, but something kept standing in my way. Either I'd get lost on the way or all my attempts to remember that I had class in that time slot would fail.

Hmmm. I think I see where this is going.

I want my piece of the security pie. And I'm despising myself for not having it. The excuses don't seem like enough, but no matter how hard I try...

I woke up just as the dream gave me a "mentor," a TA who was supposed to help me figure out how to make sure I got there.


Maybe it had something to do with last night's conversation where Mr. WatchCat said he'd support me if I wanted to do X? We shall see...
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A Proposal for Airline Security

SheepdogsJust call us the Air Marshal Reserves...