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Tuesday, November 20 2018 @ 03:41 am PST

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PJ StuffYesterday someone commented that something probably wasn't happening because I was still ambivalent about it.

I've often wondered if that's the story behind the story with my EMT job. Maybe they did just throw me to the wolves, or maybe it was obvious that the passion was no longer there. And though the failure still rankles, the fact that I'm ok with not knowing the answer speaks volumes on its own.

And I know a few PJ candidates who need to think about that as well. As someone wrote to me recently, successful PJs know they have a true calling.

1. The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.
2. Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow.

Some people have nothing but themselves in the way of following their passion. If you're in that lucky category, make it happen.

For the rest of us, schedules and responsibilities make the choices harder. It's still a choice. Most of us know someone who has thrown those things aside to follow a passion. And they have to live with the often-ugly consequences. For those of us who do not, it's easy to be resentful, almost wishing we were not bound by our ethics. So we plod our ethical course with no enthusiasm or certainty because it seems to be all that we have. When things don't work out, we feel an odd mixture of despair and satisfaction because the bad results confirm that we'd rather be doing something else. If we actually got excited about what we were doing, we'd be "betraying our hearts"...not to mention setting ourselves up for more heartache when something we wanted fell through.

Most people know that I don't do things halfway. Unless...if I don't want to do them, then I'm very distractable.

Sometimes it's tough getting head and heart to sync up. I'll be the first to admit it. But that state of ambivalence is no way to live.

Get behind your decisions. If you don't put your heart and effort into them, yes you will fail. You can be tough physically or in whatever way makes the job possible, but if you're not committed to your course of action, you won't get there. It's mostly mental. You can't look at what you left behind. You can't look at the odds of failure. You can only look at the goal and what it's going to take to get you there.
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PJ Pics

PJ StuffA few PJ pics for you with a big H/T to Aaron. I've put them behind the "read more" link for the main page because of loading time; I'm waiting on some new computer hardware so I'm using the computer that doesn't have photo editing software.

Don't forget about the opportunity for PAST with the 304th later this month!

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304th Selection

PJ StuffFor those of you who are interested in taking the PAST, it will be offered at the 304th on either the 27 or 28th of June. You can either contact TSgt Iakopo stanley.iakopo AT us.af.mil or email me (and I'll forward to the appropriate people) if you're interested.
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PJ News

PJ Stuff Patrick Airmen Say Goodbye to Families, Head to Afghanistan

Oregon ANG Trains in Oregon (Yes, it's an idiotic headline but there are some good photos.)

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PJ News

PJ Stuff Brevard Military Women Armed for Combat Roles
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Quick book review

PJ Stuff American Heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North.

A very quick two cents:

Some amazing stories here. I fully agree with the Amazon reviewers who say that Americans need to read this. Truly extraordinary men and operations are highlighted in this book.

That said, pararescue doesn't get anything resembling its due. Perhaps I just know too much, but I was frustrated at the shortness of the section on pararescue and by the lack of mention of PJs in certain operations. Also, I spotted one repeat error pertaining to trauma centers that drove me a bit nuts. And sentence structure was odd at times.

Still, I enjoyed it and felt enriched by the time spent in the company of heroes. Just don't expect to come out of your reading time as an expert.

WatchCat out.

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PJ News

PJ Stuff Teammate, Best Friend Remember Fallen Airmen
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PJ News

PJ StuffThings are crazy at my end of things, but I've been stockpiling some PJ news for you:.

'Emotional' Reunion: Rescuers Receive Medals, Meet Survivors

Huffington Post: That Others May Live (Yeah, I know about HP, but it still counts as PJ News)

Air Force Reserve Pararescue Squadron Goes High-Tech With Sonar Training

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Something tells me you'll like this...

PJ Stuff US Wings Clothing Collection: "Remove Before Flight"
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WatchCat paging Charlie...

PJ StuffSo where's "Charlie" these days?

He was last sighted several years ago, when he was the subject of a cunning exfiltration here in Portland.

If I had to guess, I would say that he may have deployed. That's well and good. But I hope he gets some stateside R&R like everyone else...

Without crossing the line (I know the rules), may I suggest that Charlie could really use a little daylight? He must be getting too pale to blend in overseas, combat mustaches notwithstanding.