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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 11:03 am PST

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Three steps forward and then...

General NewsGood news is that things are moving forward for me getting into the EMT program.

Amusing news is that the unofficial transcript I handed in was accidentally one that had been marked with a job title that I'm sure they don't see too often. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they spot that little sidebar...

And then there's the "now I know why there was an odd feeling about my gut" news. I really hate it when programs don't put all the relevant info on their websites, although I understand that for 99% of people it doesn't make a difference. But once again I'm in that 1%. Because the paramedic program starts in an odd month, under current scheduling I won't be able to fulfill all the paramedic requirements for Oregon before leaving the state. Granted, it's easier to get the cert in most other states, but from the looks of things I'd have to do significant coursework there because of differences in the programs. I still need to do more research on that, but that appears to be the situation.

I can still get my EMT Basic cert here, and I plan to do it. It's the right course of action. But there's also a part of me that's exhausted and fed up with opportunities being dangled in front of me too close to deadlines to actually make them happen. It makes me wonder if long ago I took some wrong turn that put me permanently off course. I know there's more to it than that; I know that the journey is important and things do have a purpose. But it's still tough. I don't ask that attaining my dreams be easy... but it'd be nice if once in a while they'd become attainable.
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PJ Pics and News...

PJ StuffI'll put up the pics here, but you really should head over to the forum where I got them (with a little help from AaronA as usual) and read the stories people threw in. The 212th Rescue Squadron as seen by the civilian pilot who dropped in on them...

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Wednesday Hero

Wednesday Hero BlogrollThis Week's Post Was Written By Mark In Honor Of His Wife's Grandfather

Marvin Glenn & His Wife,
Marvin Glenn & His Wife, Christina


Marvin Glenn was born in Oklahoma, joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939, and married his wife of over 60 years. Marvin enlisted in the Navy in 1944, becoming a member of the Greatest Generation. He chose to serve, despite being exempt due to a heart murmur. He went on to serve on the Escort Carrier USS Copahee. After his discharge Marvin became a brick layer, a job he continued to perform until he was 82 despite only having one eye. Along with being a brick layer, Marvin maintained a garden which he and his wife used to provide for themselves, and those in need. The life Marvin lived, in service to others, inspired his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and anyone who came to know him. Marvin was laid to rest in Henryetta, Oklahoma on January 16, 2010, at the age of 92, with full military honors.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

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306th Selection Day: February 24, 2010

PJ StuffMSgt. Biddle just confirmed that the next selection day for the 306th (Tucson) will be February 24th.

There's a possibility that one of the swim requirements is changing, but from what I'm hearing the official decision hasn't been made yet. I'll let you know just as soon as I can.
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PJ News

PJ StuffThe 304th Rescue Squadron in Afghanistan
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Friday Scramble

Scrambles Muslim Passenger's Suspicious Behavior on Flight Ignored

Dozens of People Detained in Moscow Protest

Our Basic Human Pleasures: Food, Sex and Giving

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POSTPONED: 306th Selection Day: February 19, 2010

PJ StuffJust got word that the 306th's Selection Day is being postponed to March. More details when I get them!
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From the Archives: Checky on "Say Hello To My Little Friend"

PJ StuffPosted April 18 2007 by Checky (after Virginia Tech)

I'm a firm believer in the right to own a weapon... I'm not going to get into the philosophy of the matter but I will say that guns don't kill people, people kill people.. If the little weird Asian kid couldn't find a firearm you can bet your sweet ass that he would have used another weapon to commit his heinous act... If the asshole had not taken his own life and instead continued on his rampage it would most likely been a GUN from a police officer that would have stopped him... It would have been the same GUN from the police officer that would have stopped him had he been using a flame thrower, hand grenades, a machete, or an improvised explosive device.

It baffles me when I hear people attempt to rationalize the idea of banning firearms... These people are so uninformed and misguided that they have fallen off the bus.. They are so far behind and lack any ability to rationalize the world around them... Instead they close one eye and in the dark space visualize a perfect world full of shinny happy people.... What I want to know is are there any weird Asian kids who go berserk in their little world.. I bet their answer would be no.. But the rational and realistic people know the answer is hell yes there are....You really can't explain anything to these people because they don't want to hear it...Anyway.. I'm rambling.. It had been a while since you kids had a dose of Checky so I thought I would rant for a bit.. I'm now going to bed and on the table to my right will be a pistol armed and ready(see picture below)... This little friend of mine exists in my home for one reason and that is to meet any intruder that may make the fatal error of breaking and entering my home... That would be a bad day for that individual.. As an American I have the right to defend myself from home intruders and you know that I will... That unlucky person, on a really good day, might return from any attempt at breaking into my home as a candidate for a colostomy bag and a tracheal stoma.. That is, if he is lucky enough to require the use of his colon or trachea when im finished... Remember that "on a good day part"... Sleep tight pjcountry... You know I will...

(Cat's note: pic omitted...but it's a nice little friend indeed.)
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From the Archives: BK on "Angry Black Dude Encounter"

PJ Stuffposted May 3 2007 by BK

Checky and I were at a rare public outing, eating dinner and discussing Don Imus, when, we heard a voice from the corner pipe up, "yes, well, he deserved to be fired." Intrigued, I turned and encountered a black dude eating behind us. Of course, dear readers, you know BK is never one to turn down a good discussion, so I proceeded to engage the gentlemen, opining, that although I believed Imus was an idiot and should have apologized to the young ladies, he should not have lost his job, and furthermore, thought it mildly ridiculous the way the media had portrayed the man as the second coming of Simon Legree. I also threw in my belief that I was sick of the "gotcha" race game played by everyone, and that we either let everyone say whatever they want, or nobody can say anything.

The gentleman opined back that only black people were allowed to use language like that, and, furthermore, they were basically allowed to racially slur anyone they wanted (Jews and Koreans were the two he believed most deserving of slurring, but I'm sure the list would have grown if our conversation had gone on longer than the ten minutes) because they were an oppressed minority. He proceeded to enlighten me about how a non black business owner in a black neighborhood should not be allowed, among other gems. I could sense Checky steaming across the table from me, but, like a good compatriot, he allowed me to retort. I proceeded to bury the poor man in a withering verbal logic storm, of which he could not withstand.

I almost felt bad the way I was tearing apart his flimsy arguments, but then I remembered that he had invited himself into our conversation, not me. A funny element was our waitress dropping off a note halfway through our spirited debate that read, "If he's so concerned about the plight of females, ask him why he's an asshole to his waitress." An even funnier element was the visible discomfort among the other patrons. Understand that we were right next to the University of Arizona, and the place had a bunch of young, guilty white liberal kids in it who were not used to some cracker trash like your buddy BK questioning the racial superiority of the american gentleman of african descent. I think they thought the great Race War of 07 was about to start or something. Plus, the guy was like five tables away, so we were pretty much yelling across the room. Pity that we had to leave, I was just starting to enjoy myself. I will say this: even though the man had, shall we say, less than enlightened views on race, our discourse was remarkably civil. A damn shame that all of us couldn't talk to each other that way......
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Status Report

General NewsSorry it's a bit quiet...juggling various responsibilities plus all the hoops I have to jump through before I can apply to the paramedic program is making things a bit interesting. Add some email glitches, blog spammers, and Mr. WatchCat's alarm clock going off when he was already out of the room this morning... I have to remind myself that this has been a productive week despite the fact that I had to skip Krav Maga just to get some vacuuming done.

But I have to laugh when I look at my desk. Left to right is bad enough, but then if I go clockwise....calendar from Rome, pic of Noor and I in Egypt, Arabic flashcards, pic of my best friend and I posing in a Coast Guard rescue raft, a small icon someone brought me from Russia, a pic of some DSS guys in action, a Russian magnet, my Scottish clan crest, a couple catering vouchers for British trains, and to finish it out, under my keyboard is the returned Christmas card for a PJ who didn't send his new address.

I've spent a good portion of this week dealing with some lurking personal security issues. At this stage I don't know that anyone needs to worry. The immediate issues have been dealt with and I'm taking appropriate levels of aciton on the bad vibes.

All this to say that despite the fact I'm looking to add more complications to my life, I haven't been as bored as usual... ;)

I'll put up a couple of PJ Country posts in a moment to keep you all entertained in the meantime...