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Tuesday, November 20 2018 @ 04:04 am PST

Allons Enfants de la Liberte

“This was the work of insecure cowards who apparently fear their religion is so weak that it can’t withstand criticism, and who must fear the God they purport to worship isn’t big enough, strong enough, or wise enough to take a joke.” –National Cartoonist Society

First we thought it was a workplace shooting. A gunman in an office building. To such news, awful though it was, I permitted myself a small smirk at the European country with a gun incident. I shouldn’t have, I know, but I've listened to too many Europeans telling me why America should change our gun laws. The destruction of life always unmasks our reality, no matter how common. We live in a world of inevitable tragedy and there’s an ugly temptation to score whatever points we may.

Then the details of the Charlie Hebdo massacre trickled down like the bloody ebb of life. Twelve victims tried, convicted and executed for their free expression by the egotistical, fearful followers of an easily insulted prophet. The twelve. A motley crew of wavering faith persecuted for truth. Who are the martyrs here?

As the story of the world unfolds it seems to me that Islam has good individuals but no saints. For it is the saints who are God’s hands to turn us from paths of destruction. The ever-growing company of saints build the momentum for faith, freedom and victory in the face of overwhelming evil. Tell me, where is the good that Islam built? Oh, they will say that Mohammed stopped the murder of female infants, but they conveniently omit the subsequent life of subjugation. They omit Islam’s degradation and deprivation of humanity and its ultimate denial of our identity as BELOVED children of God.

Je suis Charlie, though my voice be small and my pen faltering. Vive la Resistance.


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