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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 11:34 am PST

So this is Christmas (Eve)

General NewsI've written before about spending Christmas in foreign lands, about the meaning of Christmas, and of course remembering those who can't be home for Christmas.

Today, though, has the ache of death nearby. I'm grieving my own losses, and wishing I knew a way to send flowers to a particular Gold Star mom. Moreover, my last remaining grandparent is in the hospital, and while treatment is progressing well, the concept of "borrowed time" is quite apparent.

So this ain't Pinterest.

This is more like the cold, painful, frightening journey to Bethlehem.

Christmas is faith that God shows up.
Christmas means that death may surround us but it doesn't defeat us.
And the only truly empty hands are the ones that are clenched too tight to allow anything or anyone in.

Christmas says that everyone on the naughty list gets the most extraordinary gift known: God with us.


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