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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 11:05 am PST


General NewsIf you feel like getting angry, go read this review of "Lone Survivor:" Lone Survivor: A Pro War Propaganda Surprise Hit

I don't have it in me to go looking for more of the kind (I'm sure they're out there) but I saw the video of the reactions of Marcus Luttrell and Dakota Meyer and wanted to know the source. I almost wish I hadn't found it.

This pretty much sums up the review: " Its trying to tell us that whatever we may think we think about what our country did over the past dozen years this SEAL team was based at Bagram Air Force base, where some of the worst acts of CIA or military torture were committed dying for the red, white and blue is still a holy enterprise."
The whole attitude of that statement angers me, but the ignorance is what really makes my head explode. How many thousands of soldiers have gone through Bagram? I have a good friend who was a postal worker there; will you accuse her too? The Left has been inbreeding for far too long; their brain function is diminishing.

I liked Dakota Meyer's response: Call it whatever you want to call it, but it was factual.

And facts upset the people who would rather ignore them.


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