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Tuesday, November 20 2018 @ 03:41 am PST

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PJ StuffSikorsky Eyes Federal Budget Amid Uncertainty Over Combat Rescue Helicopter

First they reduce retirement benefits. Will they next undermine combat rescue?

It's getting a lot harder to believe that Congress values a strong national defense. Yes, serve your country in the military (if you have no better options, like getting elected to Congress) and if you get into a tight spot, maybe you'll be lucky and the old helicopters will make it through the round trip. Of course, if you actually make it to retirement, you won't get the benefits you were promised when you signed up...

Maybe I shouldn't write something so cynical right now, at a time of year when many veterans struggle already. But I write it because I'm angry about how you're being treated. You deserve far better than this from your country.

I'll keep fighting for you, and so will many other Americans. We're here if you want to talk and we'll keep telling Congress to get it right.


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