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Wednesday, October 17 2018 @ 04:52 am PDT

A Grateful Nation?

Military Retirees: "You Betrayed Us, Congress"

Most of you already understand the impact that reducing military retirement pay will have on our veterans and on future readiness. If that's you, then skip to the end of this post and use the link to send a letter.

But if you're wondering why this is such a big deal, especially as others are "tightening their belts" let me point out a few factors to consider.

For 20 years or more, these retirees (and often their families) were government property. They wrote a blank check to the government up to and including their lives. Their spouses and children had health problems and anxiety disorders. No one had a guarantee that they would make it through. They served proudly with a white-knuckle grip. But they had a golden hope: if and when they served long enough, those that lived would have a taste of that security that they had given to their country. Their families would receive not a folded flag but a livable pension from this "grateful nation."

But this isn't just about honoring the past. This is about securing our future.

You're right if you're thinking that military service is about far more than money. Honor is the heartbeat of our all-volunteer military. Honor respects honor, and when it is violated, that is when our military falls apart. Our enemies know this and use false allegations to undermine the honor of the men and women who serve. They served with the knowledge of the government's promise to take care of them and their families. To change retirement benefits for current retirees and anyone who is currently serving reeks of dishonor. Will they continue to love this country when its government breaks its promises to them? Only they can answer that, but such treatment of our veterans is akin to what veterans experienced after Vietnam. A nation that breaks promises to its veterans will be ill defended. Morale plummets when soldiers don't trust the government they serve. I saw this in Russia; they have failed their veterans and their military is much weaker as a result.

For these reasons and many others, this is one of those times when we all need to speak up. The Military Officers Association of America has an editable form letter available that you can send to Pres. Obama and our senators. Please, take 5 minutes and send it. These veterans gave 20 years for you.


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