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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:21 am PDT

More Courage Than Sense

SheepdogsHouse Clearing (H/T Thor)

This is one of those things that should really get taught in school. Or at least college freshman orientation. I remember clearing a house with an open door as a young housesitter with no more backup than a friend who was supposed to call 911 if I didn't check in within five minutes. As young people we don't want to risk embarrassing ourselves... and then as we gain a few years, we change our tune to a self-reliant "take care of it ourselves" mentality that still ignores reality. If we really thought there were several gunmen inside our house, would we still go in?

This hits me at a deeper level now that I have a family. The stakes are higher, and the scenarios are more complex. A few trusted people have keys to our place. However, they also have the sense to let us know they're coming. And Mr. WatchCat and I each have a pretty good idea of how the other operates.

Read the article, take it seriously, but also run the bad scenarios with your family. You want family training to kick in, whether it's in someone backing away from the open door or making the appropriate response if they're inside when the police enter. It's one regret that's easy to avoid.


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