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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:27 am PDT

Grateful Hands

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I share the article above not so much as a cure-all as a statement of what we all need sometimes. Gratitude will get us through a lot, but sometimes we just need that other person to hold on to us and speak the words we don't have the strength to voice. I remember a time last year when I'd been pushed to my breaking point, and a friend who had been online-only until that point decided to pick up the phone and call because he heard the desperation in the written words. And then there's last night, when my husband took the last 2 hours of my responsibility for me so that I could get some desperately-needed sleep. We need those partners, those teams, to get us through the black moments.

I realize that I've been doing far more personal reflection than commentary these days. I look forward to bringing that into better balance, but I also believe that our analysis relies upon our inner balance. I see this problem in friends who are Obama supporters because he speaks to "their" issues. To be blunt, the world has screwed them over in one way or another, and they want someone to fix it. Problem is that they're hurting so bad that they can't see the bigger picture or how proposed solutions really aren't a good idea in the long run. Their pain is legitimate, but it clouds their thinking. And so often they lack gratitude for what they do have.

It's too easy to get caught up in the difficulties of our own situations. Even our hindsight, our regrets, can use a dose of gratitude. If life worked out the way we planned, we would miss so much, including the people who hold us through the trials. My road is difficult, but I have blessings that other friends can only dream about. But open, grateful hands are the only ones that can pull us all through.


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