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Wednesday, October 17 2018 @ 05:38 am PDT

Act of Valor

Michael MonsoorMy best friend and I went to see Act of Valor this weekend. I was a little concerned about some of the negative reviews from the critics, but I wanted to find out for myself.

Verdict? It's in a class by itself but definitely worth your time and money.

Yes, there were a few flaws. A couple technical errors (probably due to the cutting room in at least one case) make good fodder for discussion with experts, and the first few minutes portrayed a DSS agent poorly, which I thought was unfair. Yes, it's a SEAL movie, and few people know who DSS is, but...sigh. Anyway.

Act of Valor is intense, but its emotion is warrior emotion, not the typical Hollywood blubbering. There are a couple of subtle tributes to Michael Monsoor, which just caught me in the heart. I have a feeling that the SEALs involved made sure that those finer details got into the movie.

It's an action movie, yes, and the terrorist plot seemed straightforward to me, at least. (Feel free to comment if you didn't think it was straightforward; I may have studied these things for too long.) I've read critics' reviews which have argued that the movie lacked deep plot or characterization. I could almost see their point, except for one thing: making the movie Hollywood-style would make it into a lie. And I have to wonder whether any of these "movie critics" have ever called a man in uniform their friend. The movie honors the SEALs, far less than they deserve. If you're not interested in SEALs, don't watch it, but that was probably the most valuable two hours I've spent in a movie theater in a very long time.


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