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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:55 am PDT


The PTSD DiariesCop in Child Porn Case Gets 10 Years After Claiming PTSD

What do you think, is this a legitimate PTSD claim?

I'm having trouble seeing it. I know the utter havoc that PTSD can cause, but I just don't know if it should alter sentencing in this case.

If anything, lack of oversight for his investigation was a bigger issue. Investigating child pornography is a little like going undercover in a drug ring; it involves exposure to addictive behavior and it's all too easy for the cop to get sucked in if he doesn't have proper support and oversight. Investigating via an office computer doesn't protect him when the criminality is internet-based. So yes, he's fully responsible for his actions, but more corrective action is needed.


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