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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:16 am PDT


The PTSD DiariesOn the drive to my current location we came near to one of the larger military bases in the area. While on the highway I noticed a particular car, an unusual European model. I tried to figure out what it was but gave up as it got too far out of range. A few minutes later, we passed it again and I noticed the driver had almost draped himself over the wheel. I had a bad gut feeling as I saw that, but he was awake and driving fairly normally at that time, so it didn't merit a phone call.

And then about a minute later he went roaring past us, tailgating, challenging an armored truck for a lane and generally doing every erratic driving move under the sun.

Looking for suicide by cop? Substance abuse or PTSD? There's no way I can be sure. But it was a reminder of how much our veterans need every lifeline we can offer.


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