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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:16 am PDT


I'm spending the afternoon working on some PR materials for my military support NGO. It's easy to get so used to the images that there's little impact. Today, though, I'm doing design work that changes the context and puts these images into people's hands, into their daily lives.

I'm working with faces of the fallen, and the enormity of the sacrifice just comes crashing down. But right now, I cannot believe what an honor I've been given in being able to do this work. I get to "meet" these warriors and it's my job to introduce them to others. My work becomes personal. I have to constantly ask myself whether I'm using their likeness honorably or if it's just publicity. And if it's just publicity I go back to the design board because I refuse to trivialize them. It's a tougher calling...but it is a privilege.


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