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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:23 am PDT


How many times now have I had to go back to the gym after a hiatus due to surgery/injury/illness/house projects? I can't say "too many" because I'm proud of the fact that I always end up back there.

The setbacks annoy me. They always seem to show up when I'm just short of a goal, like the way I was so close to doing 300lbs on the sled. I got back to the gym this week and I'm back to doing 240 on that machine. And I did 2.5 miles on the elliptical at varying paces (including a cooldown) within 30 minutes. Upper body work was around 70-80lbs.

Though I'm tempted to growl over how much better I'd like to be, I have to remember that two and a half years ago I could barely run for two minutes at a time. And a year before that, a fifteen minute walk would wear me out. So being in this kind of shape is still pretty darn good. Today when I'd showered and changed, I put my heels on and headed out, with the "yeah, don't you wish" feline walk earned by a workout well done.


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