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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 01:09 pm PST


9/11The moon was red tonight. I kept thinking how fitting that was.

While the five-year anniversary brought a level of peace, this ten-year anniversary rests heavy. At ten years, you start thinking about what percentage of your life has been this "new" reality.

And my role in this fight has not been all I wanted it to be.

I'm spending this weekend working myself to the point of oblivion. Well, not that it will ever make me forget. And this weekend's schedule would be the same without the anniversary.

But too often it has seemed as though Americans have forgotten 9/11. Certainly our political machinations and the current administration's foreign policy are far removed from the realities of that day. And this sudden remembrance doesn't quite ring true. Also,one of my particular struggles is that there is a West Coast/East Coast divide in the experience of 9/11. It wasn't the first news of the day or the phone call that woke us upon the East Coast... we were already well into an "ordinary" day. And West Coast remembrances just aren't the same. Suddenly people are talking about "do you remember where you were when you heard?" and I cannot comprehend how a person could ever forget. I don't want to condemn them for not living the full horror...I should be thankful that many were spared the scarring experience. And I too must step aside for those who were in Manhattan or the Pentagon.

So much I could say but shouldn't. It's going to be a tough day. But those of us who have no hope of forgetting what happened ten years ago will probably fare better if we use the day to pray for the victims, their families and friends, and our national security. Because remembering only goes so far.


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