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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 12:56 am PDT

Dead and buried at sea

9/11Last night was a very good night indeed.

I doubt I need to inform anyone about the CIA/SEAL operation that resulted in a bullet in Bin Laden's head. Neither should I have to explain Obama's political-credit seeking speech or the burial at sea.

The Pakistanis are trying to save face right now, and that's not easy. They're rightfully concerned that we'll believe that they were knowingly harboring Bin Laden. Given the secrecy (implied by the success) of this mission, I strongly doubt that there was any cooperation beyond perhaps acquiescence to a strong warning of "don't even think of messing with those helos." [EDIT: The Pentagon clearly refuted any claims of Pakistani involvement in the op.]

My heart goes out to SEAL Team Six for how they must feel about the unavoidable death of the woman who was being used as a human shield. Though they are celebrating a tremendous victory, those excellent men likely struggle with her death. I hope that amidst the congratulations, people give them support to work through those feelings. That said, WELL DONE! There are a lot of people who wish they were part of that op, and even more who want to make sure that those SEALs never have to buy their own drink again.

As many of you know, I have quite the eclectic group of friends. I know people who are absolutely horrified at the celebrations, partly for ethical reasons, partly because they're afraid this will worsen our security. But "relief" is the byword of those of us who see both sides. Bin Laden's death won't bring any of us back in time. And I choose to not live in the grip of hatred. Yet when the news came, it was as if a huge weight fell off my shoulders. Too many lives had been destroyed by him. He couldn't be allowed to continue. And God gets the final say for the rest.

For those of you in the "horrified" camp, take a step back and give us some time and space. Right now, what you're hearing from most of us is emotion. If you don't understand those emotions, that's ok, but refrain from judging for a while.

A lot of people have asked me about the potential backlash. Yes, we're going to see it. I would predict more solo suicide bombers and other lone-wolf type attacks, but the death of Bin Laden will severely hinder AQ's chances of a successful higher-level plot. He had a large percentage of the brains, money and charisma of AQ. And given the history of AQ 2nd in Command people getting killed, his successors aren't likely to fill those shoes. Any new leader is going to have a lot of work ahead to reconnect the networks, and that will leave more tracks for the CIA and the SEALs to follow. But even if there were hundreds like him ready to go, stopping his particular evil is a victory.

Ever watch footage of Bin Laden speaking? So often he had a bit of a smile and a gleam in his eyes as he spouted words of evil. I'd watch and know he was luring people to their deaths.

He made himself our enemy.

We're told to love our enemies, and that is true and good. But sometimes that means stopping them from doing further evil.

He was given a chance to surrender. He refused.

And I celebrate that he's not our problem any more.


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