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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:15 am PDT

Expectation of Privacy

Straight Forward in a Crooked World has done it again with the latest post: Reasonable Expectation of Privacy.

Lawmakers are still working on the redefinition of privacy in the technologically advanced modern world, but legal ramifications are small consolation when something you thought should be private gets into the wrong hands. It's a horrific feeling, and it's worse when you have to tell friends or associates that their privacy has been violated through you.

But I refuse to react by living in a cage.

My solution is to be intentional about what information is allowed out. I'm not perfect in this regard, but if I type something into a web page or say something in public, I'm usually thinking about who is going to be accessing that information. If you phone me and someone else is within earshot, my side of the conversation will be shaped by that knowledge. Email? Well, I'm not going to discuss my own system here, but if you want a few tips, get in touch.

The linked article also mentions some other issues to be aware of. Take the time to read and think about them. Even if your life is an open book, other people in your life may need your protection. It's all part of being a sheepdog.


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