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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:17 am PDT

Workout Update

I'm slowly getting back into the routine of regular workouts at the gym. Up until recently, the demands of getting settled into the house created enough physical work that I was skipping the gym, but it provided neither stress relief nor cardio. Now, several times a week I'm making a point of heading to the gym for an hour's workout. I want to get my running in good order again! But today's workout wasn't too bad, all things considered. A few highlights:

2 miles on the elliptical with resistance/ramps, 23:45

"Sled" weights:
20 reps 120lb
20 reps 140lb
20 reps 160lb
20 reps 180lb

20 reps 40lb
30 reps 60lb


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