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Wednesday, October 17 2018 @ 04:52 am PDT

WatchCat's Bugout Bag

Well, it's not Friday for a "tutorial" but this has been on my mind ever since a friend harassed me when I complained about being without shampoo for last week's evacuation. They couldn't believe that I didn't have a bugout bag all set to go.

Yes, everyone should have a bag all ready to go for emergencies.

So, I'm working on my packing list. Feel free to suggest things I've overlooked.

Other personal hygiene items
Roll of tp
minimum 2 sets underthings
minimum 1 shirt (this is a great way to make use of those "sentimental" clothing items that we don't normally wear but don't want to get rid of)
minimum 1 pr trousers/jeans
something to sleep in
small towel
box of ammo
phone numbers/addresses of important contacts
granola bars/trail mix or similar high-energy food
several bottles water
extra cell phone charger if possible
medical supplies appropriate to level of training

Also remember to have a bugout bag for pets, containing food, some water, and a litterbox/litter & scoop if needed. Btw, kitty litter is a great thing to carry in your car for getting out of snowy/icy spots.

I miss anything?


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