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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:16 am PDT

More enthusiasm than sense...

Most days this title phrase applies to my male feline, who has been known to run into walls and fall off of chairs. But, alas, this past weekend it applied to me.

First off, yes, I am okay. (Just have to throw that in there for the family members who read this.)

Friday's schedule was a bit off-kilter, and so I went to the gym later than usual. Thus I'd had some espresso already, which given my heart rate issues, might not have been entirely wise. So I very sensibly decided to take things slow.

My translation of this was to spend more time on weight machines and less on cardio. Spent about an hour and a quarter on weight machines, then moved over to the treadmill.

At this stage I must interject that my iPod is very old and quite possibly more stubborn than I am. I wanted to get to the other half of the alphabet of artists but it just wasn't going there. So I saw my 2 songs from the Top Gun soundtrack and decided that since I was just going to do a 15 minute run, those could get me started.

Have I mentioned how much I love... Well, "Danger Zone" led the playlist and I decided that I just couldn't run slow with that song playing. So I cranked the treadmill speed up...

Ok, compared to what you military guys do, I wasn't going fast at all. But I'd moved my pace up to shave about two minutes from my normal mile's pace. And so to avoid flying off the treadmill, I pretty much ran on the balls of my feet for five minutes. Good fun, but I thought it might be wise to check my heart rate. Hmmm... 203. I kept up the pace for a while, but given the post that was behind my treadmill, I eventually decided I'd better slow down so that I wouldn't get flung into the post when I passed out. Slowed it down, went home, showered... and when trying various shoes with my outfit, I started noticing that my feet were not their normal happy selves in high heels. My arches felt like they were getting ready to snap.

So, I've been limping around a little for the last couple days. Didn't keep me from trekking around the Oregon Coast a bit (pictures to come) but that was largely due to being able to wear my battered combat boots. I'm mostly recovered now, and plan to go back to the gym tomorrow. But I've got that treadmill's number...


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