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Monday, October 15 2018 @ 10:16 am PDT

Workout update...

Looks like I'm back on track! I'm still not up to the full weight load I could manage before my gym shut down last fall, but upper-body strength is always a tough battle for women and I'm glad to say I'm progressing in most of my weight-machine areas. Push-downs are still my nemesis; for whatever reason I'm not making strong gains there.

But today's interaction with the elliptical was rather amusing. The thing seems convinced that I'm going to kill myself on it. Simply put, I have a very high heart rate, and, at least according to the machine's monitor, its patterns are completely random. I tried to do the machine's performance test and received, "cannot compute your score." So I said fine, I'll do the program where I tell it where I want my heart rate to be. So I entered what for me is a conservative target heart rate...158...and it warned me three times about that being too high before I could begin. And then....I think for about a third of the workout, the screen flashed "SLOW DOWN." I was amused... and pretty much ignored it. If machines could talk I think this one would have cussed me out when my heart rate hit 178. I keep waiting for the day that some paramedic or fitness "expert" forcibly pulls me off the machine after seeing my numbers. Obviously I didn't die...and for the most part it felt pretty good.

But the best part was that I did my 3 miles at an average speed of 11 minutes each, which isn't top-notch by any means but it is what I was doing months ago before my gym closed and my routine was disrupted.

So I'm back in action...darn near shouted Hooah in the gym when I realized it. And then I completely insulted my heart rate by celebrating with an espresso.


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