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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 01:18 pm PST


Several days after first reading it, this blog post from Castle Argghhh! still twists my heart. The core question: when the children of the fallen warriors grow up and google their parent's name, what will they see?

The burden of responsibility for journalism...or blogging...has never been so clear. I've had my share of screw-ups in this line. Sometimes the frustration of being sidelined and of having little access to critical information has edged me towards a bad judgment call. We all know about OPSEC. For the record, I promise to seriously consider any notification that a post may compromise security, and I will edit or delete posts as needed if I'm pursuaded that there is a valid OPSEC concern. But I'd like to see us embrace FAMSEC: Family Security (not to be confused with Family Assistance Section in the NG, although the missions aren't exclusive!) Before you post something with a name attached, ask yourself if the person's children should see it. We can't control the media other than by choosing what to click and purchase, but we can use our blogs to monopolize Google with the right kind of content. Let the children find good memories, funny stories and accounts of bravery, so that the things they shouldn't see are remembered only in the consciences of those who posted the wrong thing.


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Authored by: 7 Echo 1 on Wednesday, January 19 2011 @ 03:04 pm PST
I recently found your blog site. I have been reading over it off and on for a few days. So far, I like what I see, but in regards to OPSEC and FAMSEC, I dont see a consistent thread or fundamental principle. All I see is a good idea, and some pretty words, but the actions do not match.

Perhaps, not being military, you are not familiar with all the subtleties of the acronym OPSEC. For example, you state in the left column of the page that you cant speak of your family member for OPSEC reasons, and yet you post the movement of senators, (which was withheld from ANY local media group), you have no problem whatsoever posting pics and names with units of many PJ's, (otherwise known as "Operators").

Perhaps also, you do not realize some of the things that PJ's do? Again, an example. Why are they told / allowed to grow out their hair, esp beards, prior to deployment? Do to the nature of what they must do, go in and get someone out whatever the cost, sometimes, they have to blend in.

I hope that you arent naive enough to believe that any of our enemies dont surf the web for any and all information that they can get. Your site, while good intentioned, and well meaning, provides them with faces, units and key points of info regarding equipment, training, training locations, training times and the list goes on, and on.

I hope that you dont rely to much on information from Terlikowski. He is a disgrace to his rank and known to this unit as a...how to put it politely....a lecherous, adulterous, juvenile delinquent buffoon. You dont have to take my word for it, there are many incidents even recently that you could speak to just about anyone in his unit about. Just ask his C.O. or 1st Shirt, hell, ask him personally, he is proud of his lifestyle. Anyone there has plenty of stories to laugh at him about, its almost funny if he wasnt in his 40's, but Im wandering off topic.

You are completely free to print what you like. Your site is by far one of the least harmful out there. I for one have shed my blood and the blood of others defending everyones right to speak freely. Including my own.

Just a word of caution. Possibly a new perspective on your wording in your primary format statements.

You will find I dont say much. I tend to just float and read. Though, Im usually open to debate. Hopefully, you will consider what you post. Most sites dont really care about the people they write about. All they care about is their own personal freedom to do what they like.
I even had one of them send me an email and tell me that; ..."if they wind up dead, then its their fault for joining the sanctioned murderers in the military in the first place...." Can you believe that? I couldnt.

But, thats the way this county works I guess.....a bit sad.

That's all for now.

7E1 ....Out.

Authored by: WatchCat on Wednesday, January 19 2011 @ 05:27 pm PST
The vast majority of the PJ news and pics I post come directly from the USAF website. On occasion I add others which other PJs have cleared for release to the public, or the occasional item from main stream media. I realize that my website centralizes this information, and so I maintain open communication with active and retired PJs so that any concerns may be addressed immediately. The security of our special operations personnel means everything to me.

If you have concerns about a specific PJ picture or story that is not originally drawn from the USAF website, please do let me know.

While I have had correspondence with SMsgt Terlikowski, we have never met face-to-face, thus I cannot answer your criticisms. I would caution you, however, that if your statements are not true you may open yourself up to a charge of libel. Perhaps more important, you should consider that you may hinder pararescue recruiting, which is a vital function regardless of Terlikowski's character.

I do appreciate your concern, and if there is a specific blog post you would like me to reexamine, I invite you to email me.

Thank you for your thoughts, and for your service to this country.